Friday, 21 September 2012

New Things

Don't get me wrong, the internet/ emails/ social networking are brilliant. Its quick, convenient, and all in one place. Something occurred to me this morning, the only post I receive are bills. Which is a rather depressing realisation.

I have decided to start doing 3 new things a month, for my own happiness as well as hopefully brightening someone else's day, and  also learning something new every month. My first new thing this month is going to be writing letters. On actual paper. With a pen.  
Surely I cant be the only person who appreciates receiving a letter from someone who has taken the time to sit and write something nice on nice paper, walked to the post office and popped a stamp onto it before pushing the letter through the little slot on the post box? Maybe people have simply forgotten the joy of receiving a lovely note to read with their morning drink?

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